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Women Dating Older Men

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Women dating older men is typically a contentious topic that generates a variety of comments. “May and November” and “Sugar Daddy” are probably the most common. 

And, depending on your outlook, reactions range from “so what” to “perverted”. But the fact is that women dating older men has been with us since people began, and it is not going away any time soon.

Older woman – younger man dating is not as common as women dating older guys, but it has become much more public than it used to be. Women dating younger guys is getting so mainstream that there are numerous books out about the subject – from the lightweight humorous through to kiss and tell stories from women dating younger guys.

In a way the increased acceptance of older woman dating younger man has meant there is less stress on women dating older men. They can simply tell any critics – “Everyone is doing it – look at all of the older woman – younger man relationships – why pick on me??”

Aside from negative comments, usually from people who find it hard to mind their own business, women dating older guys mention a number of advantages:

  • Women normally mature faster than men. For most  women, being with someone who spends time with her, as opposed to being “out with the boys”, is very appealing
  • Older men can often act as a mentor – the woman gets support and insights into life that younger men do not have.
  • Mature men are usually more self-confident than younger guys and many women find that sexy.
  • Older guys are more experienced sexually and know how to make love to a woman. That starts by listening. Too many young men are in too much of a hurry to do that.
  • Older guys are usually more secure than younger guys – financially and emotionally.

(Note: We do not condone younger women dating older married men. Too many innocent lives can be adversely affected.)

To summarize, there are some very good reasons why dating women seeking men find older men attractive.  

On adult dating sites like AdultFriendFinder you can put in a false age and tell the world you are ten years younger than you really are. But it is not the smartest move. The game is up as soon as you meet in person. And if age is an issue for that woman, then you have wasted your time – and probably your money.

We think the smartest move is to be up front about your age. 

Remember, if we are lucky we all get to age. So don’t shy away from the issue. If you want a younger woman, start by chatting online about the positive benefits of women dating older men, and take things from there. 

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